Helping Hands For Immigrants’ Integration Inc. holds as its core value the belief that immigrants of all races, national origins, religions, gender, disability, colors, sexual orientation or creeds must be provided with services to facilitate integration into American society.

HHFii’s mission is to improve access to, and the quality of services available to immigrants, thereby facilitating speedy integration into American society.

In support of its mission, HHFii will:

  • Coordinate the availability of healthcare services to determine and ensure adequate access at affordable rates to immigrants in cities identified as major immigrant gateways.
  • Coordinate and/or provide legal services.
  • Coordinate and/or provide housing services.
  • Coordinate and/or provide human development services to facilitate preparation for and success in tertiary institutions of learning and/or employment.
  • Provide research services to gather, interpret and store data on immigrants in the United States including but not limited to demographic studies, access to necessary services and the quality of services being provided, needs assessments, and attitude to policies.
  • Develop and/or disseminate relevant information to immigrant populations through mass media and other communication vehicles.