Helping Hands For Immigrants' Integration Inc. (HHFii) strives to be a leader in communities making a difference in the lives of immigrants. Our focus is to build capacity to serve, while strengthening trust between HHFii, funders, politicians, and the immigrant community. HHFii also strives to be current and responsive to the changing dynamics of the issues facing the immigrant community by quickly adapting to change, anticipating changing needs, and partnering to provide services where possible. 

More specifically, HHFii's vision is to be:

  • Known as an organization of strong character and integrity providing assistance to immigrants to facilitate community development.
  • Known by immigrants across the United States as an organization with a reputation for providing quality services in response to the needs of immigrants in cities characterized as the major gateways to the United States.
  • Known by community-based organizations including religious organizations as an organization that will collaborate with them in the provision of services to immigrants who are not fully integrated in the United States regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender, disability, color, sexual orientation or creed.
  • Known by foundations, community-based organizations, and elected officials who, in support of our mission and track record in fulfilling the mission, will provide funding for expansion of services in particular locations or across the United States.