HHFii Immigrant Community Award

Each year HHFii is privileged to honor an individual who has made a difference in the immigrant community.

Eligibility Criteria


  • May be local or national but must have had over the preceding calendar year an impact on immigrant communities through the development of systems to foster economic empowerment, fueling change through policy formulation, or facilitating the development of programs in the interest of immigrants to assist them to be independent.
  • Should be able to quantify in some way, the number of lives impacted and the ethnic and cultural groups served.


  • Nominations will be open as of September 1 and will be advertised through various media including letters to churches, and other community based organizations serving immigrants, public service announcements, and announcement via the HHFii website. Nominations may be from an individual including self or a group/organization.

Nomination Process

  1. Complete an Award Nomination Form or write a letter outlining how the nominee satisfies the eligibility criteria. (All letters must be signed and must be postmarked no later than December 26th).
  2. Include any newspaper or public relations information concerning the work of the nominees.

Decision, Award and Recognition

  • The final decision will be made by the Bylaws, Resolutions, and Nominating Committee and the Chairperson of the Board of HHFii after reviewing the nominations submitted and assigning points. The chosen awardee will be contacted to submit a biography/curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Awardees will be presented with the HHFii Immigrant Community Award at the Annual Dinner to be held on or around the company's incorporation date. The presentation will be preceded by the reading of a citation by the President or the Chairperson of the HHFii Board. The citation will be framed and presented with the award. Awardees will also be recognized at other HHFii events as appropriate.
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Immigration Reform : What path should we take?

The issue of undocumented immigrants has been getting lots of attention in the press for some time now. Recently enacted federal regulations have been opposed by states such as Arizona  as it relates to state benefits such as driver's licenses. What do you think is the way we should proceed to resolve this impasse? Should undocumented immigrants be given a path to citizenship and if so how? Should the focus be on border control and how does this help the country to identify the internal risks such as home grown terrorist?  I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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