College Enhancement Program

The College Enhancement Program is geared to assist students to capitalize on and make the best of their educational experiences with the envisioned end product being well-rounded individuals, socially adjusted and academically prepared to make a significant contribution in the transformation of their families and communities. HHFii therefore provides support to students from high school through to completion of an undergraduate degree and being gainfully employed.

To achieve this goal HHFii provides or facilitates the provision of the following services:

  • Mentoring for High School and College Students as well as new arrivals to the United States
  • Providing or facilitating S.A.T. Test preparation courses
  • College Application Coaching including applications for admission and financial aid
  • Researching available Scholarships/Short-Term Loans/Emergency Grants
  • Providing funding for College through the HHFii Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Facilitating Internships and Exchange Programs to develop meaningful work experience
  • Providing training through workshops including: Personal and Business Etiquette, Time Management, and Study Skills