Job Readiness Program

The Job Readiness Program is geared to assist adults who have recently arrived in the United States or who are going through a career change or need assistance with their job search. Like the College Enhancement Program this program seeks to assist new arrivals to the United States to adjust to and integrate in their new environment. The support offered under this program can be accessed at any time and may be cyclical for some clients who experience more than one of the conditions under which they may seek our assistance.

The program is geared to prepare clients for the workplace, and to assist them in identifying and accessing employment that matches their skills, education, aptitude, and competencies.

To achieve this goal HHFii provides or facilitates the provision of the following services:

  • Job placement - Temporary and permanent placement
  • Job Search Package: Personality/Aptitude/Career Assessment, Resume Preparation, Interviewing Workshop, and Vacancy Identification. (These can be accessed as a package and as individual components.)
  • Training through workshops including: Personal and Business Etiquette, Introduction to computers, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Navigating the Internet, and Time Management
  • Other training offerings are also provided in collaboration with our community partners.