HHFii provides assistance in two areas (College Enhancement and Job Readiness) through programs that share resources to achieve the objectives. Our clients include immigrants, foreign students and first generation children of immigrants.

HHFii Undergraduate Scholarship

HHFii is proud to offer an undergratuate scolarship to an immigrant applicatant meeting the requirements and selected by the HHFii Board of Directors.

Job Readiness Program

The Job Readiness Program is geared to assist adults who have recently arrived in the United States or who are going through a career change or need assistance with their job search. Like the College Enhancement Program this program seeks to assist new arrivals to the United States to adjust to and integrate in their new environment. The support offered under this program can be accessed at any time and may be cyclical for some clients who experience more than one of the conditions under which they may seek our assistance.

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College Enhancement Program

The College Enhancement Program is geared to assist students to capitalize on and make the best of their educational experiences with the envisioned end product being well-rounded individuals, socially adjusted and academically prepared to make a significant contribution in the transformation of their families and communities. HHFii therefore provides support to students from high school through to completion of an undergraduate degree and being gainfully employed.

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