Research & Communication

Helping Hands For Immigrants' Integration Inc. helps its clients by coordinating access to information through empirical research as well as literature searches which are published using the website and other media.


  • HHFii will gather, analyze and provide empirical data on immigrants to community based organizations and elected officials to determine levels of service available, demographics, attitude to policies, needs assessments.
  • HHFii will provide research services to community based organizations serving immigrants to: evaluate the effectiveness of the programs they offer; provide empirical data with regards to the needs of the communities they serve; and identify funding for programs including providing assistance to write grant proposals.
  • HHFii will disseminate relevant information to immigrant populations through mass media thereby aiding in the integration process. HHFii will publish a newsletter and maintain the website through which from time to time we will publish articles relevant to the immigrant community and their integration into the United States of America.

If you could benefit from, wish to volunteer in this area, or have questions about these services, please contact:

Helping Hands for Immigrants' Integration Inc.
P.O. Box 690421
Bronx, NY 10469

Phone/Fax: (718) 360-8612
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